About vinovas The vinovas art community was established late 2004 as a private photography site. In early 2005, the site expanded to include all art forms, and went public for the first time, allowing members to register freely. Over the years, we have made it our goal to produce an area where artists, photographers, and art lovers can gather and enjoy the works of each other.
How is vinovas unique? Due to the complex nature of such a large community, and because of the varied tastes of our members, vinovas has incorporated a very complex filtration system, allowing users to actively modify the images they see. This system makes use of tags and user-defined filters to dynamically alter the entire subset of images on the site in real-time. This functionaity allows members to refine genres and make vinovas the ideal art sharing site for their needs and preferences.
Legalities & Terms of service As with any website, especially ones dealing with creative and original materials, we need to lay some ground rules for our members and our staff to operate by. Our rules are quite simple;

1) Users may only upload original pieces of art to vinovas. This means the user must not only hold all rights to redistribute and republish the images they submit, but they must also be the original creator of those images. In the case of collaborations, the user must have express permission from any other individuals involved with the creation of images, and must credit them in the appropriate image descriptions.

2) Content deemed illegal by law of the United States of America will not be accepted or tolerated. While we allow artisting nude photography and images, pornography is not allowed. In all cases, child pornography is completely unacceptable and will be grounds for the deactivation of your account. Furthermore, the appropriate legal actions will be carried out.

3) Do not defame, slander, or untastefully interact with any members of our community. This is a place for mutual creative growth and childish behavior won't be tolerated. If a form of art drives you especially over the top, just filter it. Don't go spamming the place up with negative comments.

4) You retain full ownership of any works you upload (assuming you own them in the first place). The vinovas staff, nor vinovas make any claims to the ownership or reproductive authority of any images found on this site. The few liberties we reserve are with regard to general site maintenance, growth, stability, and development. Basically, we make image copies when needed for the wellbeing of the site, but never for any commercial or promotional purposes. If we like your work enough to want to use it for something, we'll contact you and work out a mutually beneficial deal. It's your art, not ours.

5) You recognize that you don't have the authority or legal ability to copy or redistribute any art found here without permission of the image's creator.

6) This rule set is not 100% final. Staff members will make judgement calls when apparent gray areas arise.

7) The services offered by vinovas are not a right and we may rescind them at any time to any user(s) for any reason. We at vinovas won't be held responsible for any losses -- monetary or otherwise -- that result from termination, unavailability, or instability of services offered.

8) Content hosted on vinovas, both textual and otherwise, is the property of its submitter. As such, vinovas isn't responsible for this content. If you believe that content on the site is in voilation of the law or our terms as defined here, please contact us.

9) By creating an account and/or uploading images to vinovas, you agree to abide by the above rules.