Tribute to a Non-Ephemeral Happiness By Militia
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This was my final for a silkscreen class. It's an installation meant for people to interact with, so photos don't really do it justice. I'll attach my artist statement:

All I had was my invention
And my love invented all of you
Oh, look what thoughts can do

What do we take for granted? The smell of freshly cut grass, a home cooked meal, having the love of another. The love of two individuals, something so seemingly typical, a small moment in a life full of moments, made me who I am today. I am a daughter, a sister, a lover, a friend. I have for myself a universe of moments granted by the moment my parents fell in love with each other.

In this dome, you will be invited to an intimate showing of just a tiny fraction of precious moments in time shared by two people- Robert and Hyong- and a fraction of moments borne from their moments. Their love invented me, my brother Michael, a vast and intricate web of life and relationships, one of which is featured inside this dome; a love comparable to the one my parents shared, with my own partner, Jonas. This dome is a flash of my memories in the form of images that I want to share with you.

Robert passed away in early 2001. Though he is gone, I still carry his love for me in my heart. My mother is still in love with him to this day.

Life is short, life is long. It is tender and tumultuous. In a life full of tiny instances, where are we? Take a deep breath, jump in a pile of leaves, and be passionate. Even if you don’t remember this particular moment, please remember that you can and do make your own moments every day, and that those typical moments can someday create many more. It created you. It created me. Oh, look what thoughts can do.

Various papers, white rice paper, foam core board, kozo papers, silkscreen monotypes, a light bulb and photos.
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