The Prince of all Cosmos: Revisited By Tetraman
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Artist comments
Hey. I'm happy to be testing this new sharing site, and have been a member of deviantART for about a year now. I still really love the site, but felt that a fresh start would be really great, considering that I have been getting beeter ever since I posted my first work online. This is a test, and a photo that I've had on deviantART for some time. This version is slightly different however, it has been changed so it looks considerably better. This is not my best work, BY ANY MEANS.

A simple paint shop drawing of Katamari Damacy's main character. The arms were tweaked, as well as the legs, and the color of it has been changed since it was first posted. See the original image here:
User comments

themollusk on June 26th, 2008 at 10:53:08 AMReply

we love katamari!!

he's adorable, gotta love the Prince, but the little misplaced pixels in the green above his left leg are slightly distracting >__>

it's really cute, though!

can't wait to see more of your stuff!
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