The Haunted Mill By danlefeb
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Artist comments
I just finished this website yesterday. I had a couple restrictions I had to abide by according to the client:

1) Had to look cool (hopefully I achieved that.)

2) Had to include the audio on the splash page (sorry!! I don't like it either)

3) Had to link to the coupon and TV spot from the splash page

4) Had to include text about their new route on the splash page

5) Had to include the rolling clouds over the "Haunted Mill" image somewhere on the website

If you want to view the old website, go to />
The current site can be seen at />

Tools used: Photoshop and FrontPage for the main design....After Effects and Flash were used for the animated header; my friend/co-worker - Josh Sammons did the Flash programming to my AE project because I don't have Flash installed on my computer at the moment.

Photoshop, FrontPage, After Effects and Flash
User comments

rush68 on October 5th, 2005 at 6:53:02 AMReply

looks really nice! i don't much like the audio on the splash page, but eh, the rest is awesome.
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