Chibi stack of doom By anu-chan
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Artist comments
Ha, my fursonas and persona.

The young woman with the black wings on top is Nicoli, an amnesia stricken dark angel who's an all of 4'12 (you can't tell since she's chibi). The girl in the middle is Anna Visakruna a mix of echidna, ferret and spider monkey. She was my old fursona until Anu came along. Speaking of, Anu is the one on the bottom, she's a hedgehog (just tweaked) and an angel/demon mix, her mother being an angel her father the demon.

Each comes from their own different story. Nicoli comes from a collaboration story between my boyfriend and I about two dark angels who have to stop Nicoli's sadistic brother from trying to kill them and end up unconciously saving humanity.

Anna comes from a story about a war that has overcome the entire world and she (along with four others) are the chosen ones to change the world, though they aren't happy about it.

Anu comes from a story about how she and six others travel the universe in a Cowboy Bebop-esque style hunting down bounties so they have something to eat while Anu tries to hunt down the killer of her parents.

Drawn by hand with and 05 mechanical pencil, inked with an 05 Micron the the lines were adjusted and the image colored (rather crappily) in Photoshop 7.0
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