Speedpaint: Josh By retro-cucumber
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Artist comments
Old character based off of someone I knew.

I really tried to capture his personality in the colored version. Overall, he was a very apathetic person but not as apathetic as his twin. His attributes normally consisted of matted hair, raggedy clothing, a slouch, and a dead expression on his face.

Actually the normal way you could tell his true emotions was through the slight nuances of his eyes and eyebrows. He had very intense eyes which always intimidated me and caused me to avert eye contact with him whenever possible, seriously! All the years I spoke to him I rarely looked him in the eye.

graphite, paper, photoshop
User comments

Kalamu on February 26th, 2009 at 6:42:31 AMReply

I'm in lve with how you did the eyes here, they truly are very intense, even if it's just pixles
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