Flapjack Storyboards By retro-cucumber
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Artist comments
Some old sketches, well, not super old - from around late December.

Two storyboards I did while at work because no one was coming in and I had nothing else better to do. This is a short story of Flapjack disputing with Bubbie about getting a bath. He thinks that since he's an adventurer that he doesn't need one. This was before I'd add the words into the sketched panels, so the words are typed out on another sheet of paper. I kept Bubbie in Thurop's style and put Flapjack in mine. However, from reading the storyboard book, or what I've gotten to so far, it's actually best to keep it as much in the original style as possible. So I technically fail I guess...

I'm going to make this a comic in my spare time, as many people thought the ending (not done) was hilarious. Plus I owe Thurop a Christmas gift.

mechanical pencil, computer paper
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