Self-Portrait ver. 2 By DeadPixel
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Artist comments
This is version 2 of the self portrait I took a while back. There were a few people saying that the vent and shinny thing on the fireplace screen were too distracting.

Besides the model (meh) what else needs to be changed?

Photo taken with a Canon Powershot G6 and JPEG edited with Photoshop CS2. Massive edit to remove a vent and shinny fireplace screen handle. "Clone Brush" and "Heal Brush" used to reconstruct bricks and metal screen. Then the usual; levels adjusted, cropped, and frame added with blurred duplicate image underneath.
User comments

Scoria on September 18th, 2005 at 10:40:11 AMReply

It looks good to me. Your modifications aren't particularly noticeable.
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